Project Description

The Solidarity Wall is an artistic social justice project designed to give a voice to students regarding the epidemic of on-campus sexual assault. It provides students with a tangible, open, and beautiful way to express compassion for victims of sexual assault and outrage against perpetrators. The genius of The Wall is that it brings the ugly topic of sexual assault out of the dark into the light of open conversation, arousing our collective consciousness regarding this horrific injustice, and thus preventing some assaults from occurring.

The executing of the project is simple, powerful, and attractive. A Wall is built in a high traffic area on campus. The surface is a dark, graphite color. A nicely-designed and sealed Solidarity Letter is circulated on campus with an invitation to visit The Solidarity Wall and write a message of encouragement to victims or a message of outrage against violators. The Wall gradually becomes a work of collective human art, completely covered with powerful words of free speech as a monument to our Solidarity with the assaulted.